Drake Irish Dance, one of the most prestigious Irish Dance Schools in the United States, was founded in 1990 in Atlanta, GA by Dublin Ireland native, Karl Drake.
Since it's beginning, Drake Irish Dance has branched out across the southern states.  After establishing itself in five southern states, Karl Drake  went global by expanding into Mexico and China.
Drake Irish Dancers have a record of competitive achievements to include Regional and National Champions as well as World Medal holders.
In addition to competitive achievements, The Drake Irish Dance Troupe travelled all the way to Shangai China in March 2013 where they performed at Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre and Dulwich College Shanghai, China.


Preserving Irish Dance

An Coimisiún le Rincí is one of the oldest and largest governing bodies for competitive Irish Step dancing globally. Founded in 1927, CLRG is responsible for creating a standardized system for Irish dance, music and competition for its member organizations in 26 countries worldwide.

Mission statement of CLRG:

“The main objective of An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha is the preservation and promotion of Irish Dancing, including step dancing, ceili dancing and other team dancing. While of course its main function is the promotion of Irish dance, An Coimisiún is proud of working in association with Conradh na Gaeilge in promoting all aspects of Irish culture including the use and promotion of the Irish language”

Teagascóir Coimisiún Le Rinci Gaelacha, (TCRG) the "teacher" qualification certifies dancers to teach students in both Ceili and solo dancing and allow them to compete at local, regional and national levels.


A New Beginning

When our family relocated to Tallahassee with two competitive Irish dancers in tow, the one thing we were missing was an Irish Dance school.  In order to compete, dancers must be under the training of a professional teacher who has been certified by An Coimisiún le Rincí, a TCRG.

With no TCRGs in Tallahassee, our dancers would not be able to continue to compete and would have to leave their feis friends behind.  Our feis friends are the best friends and we couldn't imagine our family without Irish Dance. So... we hired a TCRG qualified instructor (from Dublin no less), found the right location and are thrilled to join the #TeamDrake family of schools and look forward to you joining our Irish Dance family.

Drake Tallahassee students are welcome to take classes simply for the love of the art and are also welcome to give competition a try.

From our family to yours, Slainte!